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At Gan Shan, we like to play with food.  Right next to our open kitchen, we have a high-top so adventuresome and curious eaters can watch their food being prepared, and even interact with the chefs.   

This is where our chef’s tasting menu happens, a pageant of dishes both on and off menu that offers you our most popular fare as well as unique specialties based on seasonal ingredients or ideas we want to improvise and improve upon. We like to create an open conversation about food and this menu enables just that.    

Want to help us get our creative juices flowing?  The table seats up to six and requires a 48-hour advance reservation. Unless you specify food allergies or aversions, there are no holds barred, and the chefs will create a menu unique to your party.   

A great deal at $55 per person for food (beverages and gratuity not included). Please fill out the form below to make a reservation.