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You’re our kind of people if you know that eating can be more than simply consuming food. At Gan Shan, we seek to nourish you, our guests. That’s a process with many components, and it’s why our seasonally changing menu, warm service, and attention to dining detail are as carefully crafted as our food.

A restaurant can be a place of exploration, a discovery of something different. It can also offer restoration, a feeling of genuine nourishment, and even homecoming – a place of connection within a community. 

As a neighborhood establishment, we value each of these enrichments, and we strive to provide them all.

Gan Shan Station on Charlotte Street in north Asheville, is the flagship restaurant of the Gan Shan Group, and it’s where we first began to create Asian food using locally sourced ingredients. Gan Shan menus change frequently, shifting alongside the local growing season and the seafood market. We adapt and refine our recipes continually, seeking what’s fresh, local, and delicious.

Monday – Thursday bring a familiar rhythm to the week that guests come to expect, but with endless variation on each theme. We also offer weekly, varying specials at both lunch and dinner that showcase what’s local, seasonal, and on our minds. Regulars and visitors alike delight in departing from “the usual” with us, and exploring a multi-layered – and genuinely satisfying – dining experience. 

Gan Shan West focuses on a diverse array of noodle dishes in a relaxed neighborhood environment. Dine in, eat at our outdoor courtyard, or take your food to go.

Our menu changes seasonally (or sometimes simply inspirationally) while the Gan Shan commitment to a delicious, nourishing, and restorative food experience remains unwavering.


Chef & Owner

Seen huge growth in my lifetime, and much of that with a sense of connection and community. Part of this growth and connection has centered around food and beverage production and consumption. We take our “locally grown” seriously in Asheville.

While I have endeavored to create a space of nourishment and connection at Gan Shan, I have been surprised – and excited – to see that vision naturally expand in ways I never expected or could have foreseen. 

I had the idea to bring a neighborhood, Asian-themed restaurant into north Asheville, and I implemented the processes to make the vision real in the kitchen. But that alone does not determine the restaurant’s culture.

Gan Shan service and kitchen staff members are aligned with the vision and the company values. But that does not solely determine the restaurant’s culture.

The restaurant’s culture is a culmination of connection; it is determined by what happens when you, our guests, come into the restaurant, interact with us, and eat the food we have prepared for you.

For me, that is the essence of community – a dynamic, interdependent, mutually enhancing relationship that adapts and shifts as it grows. At Gan Shan, we share the joy of food and drink that enrich our community, and I’m thankful you want to do that together.